We believe in building and sustaining modern, professional and beautiful websites, using the latest in design and technology trends

  • $45 Per Page

    You'll be able to choose a website template that best suits your business' needs. Our basic rate applies to all content and design changes you'd like us to make, using that template. Customizing the page's structure or layout falls under our premium pricing.

  • $75 Per Month min of 12 months

    Our monthly subscription plan includes an admin control panel for ongoing changes, hosting costs, site security, regular backups, and software/plugin updates.

  • Free Website Redesign every three years

    Web technology and design trends change very quickly, so FruitStand keeps your site fresh with a free site redesign every three years that you're a FruitStand customer.

Premium Additions to Customize Your Site and Brand:

Set Up Fee Monthly Subscription
  • Premium Page

    Once you've selected the template that you'd like to use, layout and structural changes will turn that page into a premium page. You can also choose to skip the template and build a fully customized premium page, tailored to your exact requirements.

$75 $10
  • E-commerce Platform

    We'll help you select the right platform for your business, and get you set up to start selling your products or services online.

$120 $18
  • Customer Data Management

    Secure plugin to manage your customer's data

$159 $22
  • Website Copy

    Have one of FruitStand's experienced copywriters develop your advertisements, publicity or e-commerce material.

$33 $5
  • Branding Optimization

    Let our branding specialists connect what you're offering with what your potential customers are looking for. We'll use targeted messaging and vivid imagery to connect when they are choosing which solution is right for them.

$120 $18
  • Special Design Focus

    Do you have an idea in mind for the design of a specific page, or for your site's branding? Let our designers work with you to bring that idea to life.

$60 $9
  • SEO Optimization

    We'll review your website's content and make sure search engines are helping your customers find you.

$10 per page $5
  • Password Protection

    This solution will allow your customers to have their own private user accounts, or will allow your business to provide restricted information to specific individuals.

$30 $5
  • Ongoing Design and Content Change Packages - 30 minutes per month

    If managing the back end of your website can be a chore you'd rather avoid, let our developers and designers manage that for you.

  • Ongoing Design and Content Change Packages - 90 minutes per month

    If managing the back end of your website can be a chore you'd rather avoid, let our developers and designers manage that for you.

  • Logo Design

    Our designers will work with you to create the perfect design for your business.

  • Fly-ins & Popups

    If you're interested in getting your customer's attention right away, we can add features that will bring your site to life.

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  • Premium Forms

    Standard forms, such as gathering user information, are included in our basic templates. But, if you need to create an intake process, or gather lots of data from your users or customers, this service will make that happen for you.

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  • CRM Database Set-up

    FruitStand's CRM database specialists can help your business manage all of your incoming data and customer relationships. We'll be sure it's linked up to your website and that your data if flowing smoothly between all of your systems.

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Additional Launch Services

Ongoing Changes and Content Updates