Why You Should Get a Custom Web Design

by | January 17, 2018, 4:14

Template vs. Custom

There is no website like yours. So why use a template that everyone can use? For your one-of-a-kind site, you need a web page that is tailor made to your needs and the needs of your audience. Investing in a custom-built website means you can stand out from the crowd while ensuring your site reaches your audience. Here are four reasons why you should choose a custom built website:

Creative Control

Unlike in a template, you will have complete creative freedom right down to the last bullet point. You will work with a web designer who can translate your vision into reality. Custom web design will give you complete control over your digital image. Often with templates you can get stuck with either too few customization choices or too many. And for those of us who are not tech savvy, even the simplest web templates can be confusing. Choosing a custom web design will save you the headache and you will have an actually person on hand to help fix your site should something go wrong.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By working with a custom site built by your web designer you can make sure that your website will be found. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the way you can ensure that your web page reaches the right audiences quickly and effortlessly. Your web designer will make sure that the right key words and meta-data are in place to generate traffic to your site. Think of it as digital branding just for your site. Often with templates, you might be able to create a pretty page but they lack the engine to really make your website go. A custom-built site will ensure you have a flawless look that reaches your audience.

Save Time

To create a truly stand out website you will need a lot of time. With a custom web design, you’ll be working with an expert who will do all the heavy lifting for you. No more hours need to be spent testing color combinations or font options. You can give your web designer your ideas directly and they will expedite the creation process. And you can spend that time doing more important things like creating content…or watching cat videos.


Have you ever visited a site and seen “Created with Wix” or “Powered by Squarespace” on the homepage? Immediately you know the website is a template based site and one that suggests a certain lack of professionalism and even lack of creativity or even a sense of poor probability if you are a business. A custom-built website eliminates those images. Instead you will be presenting a neat and polished site that is uniquely yours – not Weebly’s or WordPress’. It will show that you are serious about your content and are a trustworthy source. Learn how web design helps your business here.