Check out what we’re reading (and listening to)!

by | March 2, 2018, 3:09

Looking to stay up to date on the world of tech? Here are some of our favorite sources for tech news: Marketplace Tech: a subset of Marketplace, which you may have heard on your local NPR station. Marketplace Tech, a radio segment hosted by Molly Wood, helps synthesize the business and tech worlds into news you can understand. WNYC’s Note To Self: If you’re not already listening, you should know this podcast is a must! Host Manoush Zomorodi injects real life into tech life and asks the questions we’re all wondering. Are dating apps killing romance? Is my phone listening to me? How much screen time is the right amount? Find out all this and more with Manoush on Note to Self. Wired Magazine: More than just a tech magazine, Wired merges hardcore journalism with nerdy know-how. A great resource for what’s happening in Silicon Valley and beyond. Engadget: A daily technology blog network. If you have an interest in games, gadgets, and science, then Engadget’s smart reporting is a must read. For more tech news, visit our blog.