Web design or web development – what’s the difference?

by | February 20, 2018, 10:51

It’s important to distinguish between web design and web development. Even though they sound similar, they are two different things. Web design is all about creating the look of your website. Much like an interior designer embellishes a home, a web designer will help you “decorate” your website with eye-catching images, stylish fonts, and creative logos. The designer can also create easy-to-use navigation, and make your layout simple and clean. Web design is all about harnessing your audience with creativity and imagination. Web design is fun, but it only happens after your foundation has been laid. That's where web development comes in. A web developer is like a building architect. They build the blueprints for your website with web coding languages like HTML, Javascript, or CSS. The web developer’s job is less about making your website look good, and more about making sure it functions properly. Your house can look as pretty as a picture, but if the electricity or plumbing doesn’t work, no one will want to buy it. The same goes for websites. A good web developer knows how to ensure your website runs without any glitches or broken pages. You need both creative web design and solid web development to create a great website. At Fruitstand, we take care of both for you. We’ll work with you to create your websites blueprints, and then build a site that’s visually stunning and easy to use. Learn how web design helps your business here.