How Web Design Will Change For 2018

by | January 3, 2018, 8:39

2018 Web Design

Website design is a dynamic enterprise, and that is why creativity and the latest technical developments affect web design trends. Perhaps, the greatest influencers of web design are usability of different layouts, user experience, and media. The outgoing year has set some dynamic trends in web design, with smartphone designs and advanced imagery taking center stage. Users and designers need to be aware of these changes as we move into the next designing year. Here are some of the trends to watch out for in 2018.

Unique Graphics and Images

In 2018, contour drawing and sketch art will be big in the field of website design. For years, commercial branding has capitalized on the appeal of these types of graphic, but the trend is now growing gradually among designers. As more designers adopt simplistic website designs, sketched art and contour drawing will play a central role in graphic designing as it brings a fresh and unique appeal to websites. You can’t beat the originality of sketched art-it looks so real.

Geometric Shapes

While geometry is not a new concept in website design, advanced technology has further entrenched it among designers. Shapes such as lines, circles, and patterns are gaining more popularity, and web designers are using distinctive combination to merge different shapes and patterns to create unique web pages. Website designers are expected to combine geometric shapes with different page layouts to create customized features and distinct web pages.


Another big thing to watch out for in the New Year is the use of animation in web design. Starting in 2016, the animation trend has grown by leaps and bounds, and many designers now use animated imagery, logos, and icons to capture the eyes of the visitors. One of the best developments in website design was the GIF videos which has increased user experience and attract more users to a website. Animated objects on a website can help to increase conversion rates than a flashy web design. The scroll-triggered animation will be used extensively, and users will see more of animated imagery on an increasing number of websites come 2018.


Leading the pack in the latest trends in web design is video. According to Hubspot, video will account for 79 percent of total customer web traffic by 2018, so websites that want to succeed need to get on the video bandwagon now if they haven’t joined already. Video provides a richer and more enjoyable user experience and can be used to create a more appealing brand identity. Many free web video players can be integrated on websites, and you should consider adding one as video can increase conversion rates by 20 percent.

Photo content

For online stores and E-commerce professionals, original photos of products can help to convince the buyer to make a purchase. A photo has an air of originality and authenticity that is different from generic photos. Going into 2018, original photo content will be the mainstream for many website designs, especially those targeting online buyers. Many new trends will play pivotal roles in the web design fiied in 2018, but these are some of the most important trends designers should be aware of. As the New Year rolls in gradually, designers need to update their skills so that they can create better and more efficient website designs. Learn how web design helps businesses here.