Is responsive web design enough?

by | May 9, 2018, 10:55

responsive web design

For many, it would be quite noticeable that the internet is a vast global community providing endless opportunities and harnessing a lot of resources to make the human life a happier one. Many businesses have moved from having only a physical presence to also having an online presence. This has helped them to reach customers they wouldn’t have naturally met if they remained local. As a need for an online presence grew, the focus shifted just from having an online presence to something more demanding. Having a responsive web design is vital and any web developers would recommend this to their clients as the most important thing because of the role it plays in increasing conversions. Over a billion smartphones are in use today and a lot of people would prefer to pick up their phones and enter a search query rather than using a PC.  At this indeed increased conversion rate, the question we really have is that “is responsive web design enough?” Is that all there is to a website? And the answer, of course, is NO. A few of the reasons for this opinion are written below. Graphics and Pictures Responsive web designs are very good at rescaling and resizing images and graphic content and to this effect reduces the quality of certain files and images. The drive of responsive design brings about reorientation which might have a different outlook on the original content on the website. Responsive Results One thing that can be noticed from a responsive website is that it tries to identify the device in use and render the web page most pleasantly.  But most times, the result you get is extra features and some data is cut off or they're not displayed. Issue with Performance When a website is made with the focus to only be responsive without considering the actual delivery of the website’s content, you end up getting varying deliveries in different devices. When a device is seen with a much slower network, the distribution is different from that with faster connection speed.