Is your logo memorable?

by | February 4, 2018, 3:58

First impressions can make all the difference — and that is why a quality logo is so important. Having a polished and recognizable logo will make your website, and your business, stand out from the crowd. Your logo is your website’s calling card, and it should be clean, expressive, and simple.

Here are four tips for creating a snappy logo that will make your website and your business more memorable.

Simplicity is key

Think of the most recognizable brands out there. What comes to mind? Nike and its swoosh, McDonald’s with its golden arches, or the New York Times monogram “T”? One quick glance and you know what you’re dealing with. You don’t even need to see the company name to know who they are.

Take some time to think about what kind of design will best define you? What does its shape say about you? It should be quick and to the point. Keep this in mind as you break out the sketchbook.

Tell a story

Every logo should have a deeper meaning behind it. Think back to the New York Times “T.” The Old English typeface evokes a sense of longevity and gravitas. It evokes trust. All of that is conveyed with a few simple brush strokes.

Your logo is more than just decorative art. Every line and point should convey something about your brand.

Take for another example the Toyota logo. It’s more than just a stylized letter, because the three ovals represent something. The center ovals that create the “T” represent the faith and trust between Toyota and its customers. The encircling oval represents the company’s global expansion plans.

What does your logo say?

Be versatile

You've seen as the Nike swoosh has been customized with new colors, stretched to be as large as a banner, or shrunk to fit on a sock cuff. You want your logo to be versatile and able to look good in a variety of contexts.

Consider avoiding a set color scheme. By being flexible you can transform your logo to suit your purposes. Go pink for breast cancer awareness. Try on a rainbow for LGBTQ events. Or keep it classy in black and white for formal occasions.

Be dynamic

You want your logo to appeal to as many people as possible. Having a dynamic design will attract more people to you. But don’t forget the simplicity! Dynamic doesn’t mean wild and crazy. It means your logo is inviting and appealing to the right people.

Go beyond the generic and create a logo that will truly represent the uniqueness of your business.

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