SEO Ideas For Increased Web Traffic

by Tuesday Mahrle | November 22, 2017, 9:30

increase web traffic

SEO is critical to the success of any online business, but many companies don’t realize they have to optimize their sites to rank higher in search engine queries. Without visibility on search engines, your website will struggle to get visitors. And there goes the investment on your incredibly cool website design. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to build SEO into their sites. SEO is a continuos process, and you must keep abreast of how search engines rank sites so that you can make the changes accordingly. In this post, we will take a look at SEO strategies to help your website rank higher.

Choose the right domain name

Your domain name or URL is the website address that users type into their browser tab to visit your site. You should choose a domain name that ranks well on search engines. Your URL should include the name of your business and keywords related to what you offer. It should be catchy and clean, without any special characters.

Give each page a title and description

Another way of ranking higher on search engines is to include titles and descriptions on each page of your website. These are concise texts of keywords or phrases that describe what your business offers. Usually, the page description will not be visible, but search engines can see it, and they are one of the criteria for ranking on search engines. Your site description can also help to convince visitors to check your offers.

Add alt text to your images

One of the things search engines like Google have not been able to do well is reading images. A search engine can only make sense of what an image is saying by reading the alt text on the image. The alt text is a short description of the image on a website. This presents a potent ranking tool. You can increase the ranking of your website by writing an alt text that clearly describes what the images on your site are about and including your business name and keywords related to your products and services. Do this for images that are related to your business, and your website will rank higher.   Not only can we make your page for you, we can do all SEO optimization. Check out our services here