The future of social media

by Tuesday Mahrle | December 9, 2017, 10:02

The future of social media

Perhaps, the people who have benefited most from social media are marketers. Marketers are always on top of their games as regards social media developments, but what if they could see the future of social media? According to social media experts, here are some of the things we should expect in the social media of the future:

Live video

At the moment, many businesses are starting to realize that video is the next big thing in the online world. Video content creates more engagement and delivers the message in a clearer and visually appealing format. The next iteration of videos is live. Already, Facebook and other video sharing platforms have the live video feature, but it will take center stage going forward.  Experts say that in future, live video will be the medium of sharing posts, liking, and doing all the usual stuff we do with a click at present.

Social Television

The future social media will see Television moving from our homes and hopping onto our social media accounts. Companies such as Facebook, Apple and Twitter are already making big plans for social media television.  While many people still watch their TV in the comfort of their homes, social media television promises to bring television to you wherever you are so far you have a social media account with a platform that supports the feature. The implications for the TV industry, which survives on ads is tremendous, as this shift might cause the loss of revenue for the big names except they realign their operations to fit the new paradigm.


Messaging has been part of social media since inception, but it is gaining new ground by the day as more social media companies continue to add messaging functions to their platforms. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and many other social media platforms now support chats and even calls, and many even have dedicated messaging apps, for example, the Facebook messenger app.