Advertising on Social Media 101 – Instagram

by | June 12, 2018, 9:21

Instagram has more than 500 million active daily users – add that up and that’s more than 800 million users per month. Unlike Facebook, Instagram engages people purely from a visual standpoint. With engaging photos, short videos, and stories, Instagram is a quick and easy way to build your audience. A large portion of Instagram users are outside of the US, which means having an Instagram profile for your business allows you to reach a global audience.  It’s no surprise that Instagram is a hot spot to advertise for businesses.

What is an Instagram Ad?

If you’ve ever tried advertising on Facebook or Twitter, you know it can feel like you’re shouting into a cacophony of noise. Your posts might get little to no interaction. Not so on Instagram. As a platform, Instagram is designed to make audience interaction simple and easy. It is also almost solely a mobile app.

But the good news is, setting up an ad on Instagram is very similar to Facebook, so getting started will be simple. More good news is that you can use the same Instagram campaign on both Instagram and Facebook, although we would recommend diversifying your ads for each platform.

The difference between Facebook and Instagram is that while Facebook is both visual and text oriented, Instagram is all about the visuals. A post with lots of text won’t get a lot of interaction here. So the key to your ad’s success is strong photos and videos.

Getting started with Instagram ads

What is your objective?

After making sure you have a working Instagram account, you’ll want to click the Create Promotion button.  From there you can choose which one of your current Instagram posts you want to promote. At this point, you can select who you want to reach, how many people you want to reach, and for how long. You will also select where you want to direct your audience—do you want them going to your Instagram page, or to your website? You get to pick.

Who is your target audience?

On Instagram, you can define your audience by age, gender, and location. Do you have a physical store? Then you can choose to reach people near your address. Have a blog about women’s sports? You can create specific parameters such as women who like or play sports.

Select your budget

From here you decide how much money you’re able to pay for your ad. The amount you can pay determines how many people you can reach and for how long. If you decide to use the same ad on both Instagram and Facebook, you can see if that makes sense for your budget here.

Submit for Approval

At this point you will submit your ad and Instagram will review it before approval. After a successful review, you can publish your ad and manage it.

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